Welcome to Death Valley

"The scariest place to play in America"


Worship happens here

Tiger Stadium, nicknamed "Death Valley," has seen its share of national publicity as one of the most talked about venues in all of sports. For LSU fans, there's nothing better than spending a night in Tiger Stadium, when it becomes the 5th largest city in the state of Louisiana as over 100,000 people pack the cathedral of college football to watch the Tigers play. For opponents, however, it's another story as Tiger Stadium provides the most intimidating destination in all of football.

"It has turned the knees of All-Americans to goo. It has caused coaches to lose their coaching minds. Only in Baton Rouge is there a living, breathing being lurking in its grand, old stadium."

-Dennis Dodd, CBSSports.com

Saturday Night in Death Valley

Part of the lore of Tiger Stadium is the tradition of playing games at night, an idea that was introduced in 1931 against Spring Hill. Since then, LSU has played the majority of its games at night, with 339 victories under the lights of Death Valley.

"Tiger Stadium is haunted and all the ghosts favor the home team."

-John Ed Bradley, Famed writer


Stadium capacity, the 7th largest in the world


Years of LSU Football in Tiger Stadium, dating back to 1924


Undefeated home seasons, including five since 2000


Years ranked in the top 10 national attendance


School-record winning streak from Oct. 24, 2009 to Oct. 13, 2012

There is no place like Tiger Stadium. I swear it...


-Patrick Peterson, NFL Pro Bowler

The Night The TigersMoved the Earth

Perhaps the most famous moment in Death Valley history took place on "The Night The Tigers Moved the Earth," Oct. 8, 1988. When Tiger quarterback Tommy Hodson threw to Eddie Fuller for a winning touchdown against Auburn, the explosion of the crowd was so thunderous that it caused an earth tremor that registered on a seismograph meter in LSU's Geology Department across campus.

"I'm not sure what it was like to walk into the Coliseum, but I bet it was something like this. The best place in the world to watch a sporting event."

-Wright Thompson, ESPN.com